Every day is Earth Day at .eco

This April, the .eco domain turns 7. Not quite an unruly teenager yet, but growing up fast! We haven’t done this alone. Partners like Namecheap — the most popular place to get a .eco domain — have been a huge part of .eco’s success.

Ultimately, this is all about the .eco community—people, companies, and organizations that have decided that a .eco domain name is a perfect fit. Seeing their new domains come to life might be the single most satisfying part of managing the .eco top-level domain—it’s inspiring.

In the spotlight

For this birthday, we want to highlight some amazing .eco domain names that have been registered at Namecheap. Whether it’s fashion, packaging, electric vehicle charging, eco-friendly products, or sustainable farming, these domains are home to some of the initiatives that perfectly reflect .eco’s mission and values. They’re all working to make positive change for the planet from around the globe.

Goodonyou.eco | Australia – One of the first .eco domains registered, Good On You rates fashion brands based on their sustainability performance. With ratings for everything from outerwear to underwear you can use their website or app to make more sustainable and ethical fashion choices.

Brightly.eco | USA – Eco-curious but don’t know where to start? Brightly is full of tips, advice, and products to help you live a more sustainable lifestyle. They even have an award-winning podcast, “Good Together”.

Current.eco | Norway – Electric cars are really popular in Norway – and you need to charge them somewhere. Current.eco is a perfect name for this company that makes the systems to manage networks of charge points. 

Leaf.eco | United Kingdom – A not-for-profit, LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) works with farmers, scientists, the food industry, and consumers to make food and farming more sustainable.

Boox.eco | USA – Boox, a certified B Corp, makes reusable shipping boxes (or booxes) as an alternative to single-use packaging. The booxes reduce waste as they can be used to ship products, get returned, and then sent out again. Clever — and a fun name.

April is Earth month 

Hopefully, these examples have given you some ideas of things you can do to reduce your impact, live a little more lightly on the earth, or make more sustainable choices.

If you’ve got a cool new eco-friendly idea, it probably needs a domain name. Consider a .eco domain and join the community. And of course, you can register it at Namecheap.