How to start your Toyota with remote engine start

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The beauty of having a vehicle equipped with remote engine start is being able to warm up or cool down the cabin before you get in. Before you are able to utilize this convenient feature, however, you must first figure out how it works. If you are wondering how to start your Toyota engine via remote start, you can follow these guidelines to learn more.

3 Steps to use Toyota remote engine start

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  1. Press the LOCK button on your Toyota remote.
  2. Push the LOCK button again within 1 second.
  3. Press and hold the LOCK button a third time for at least 3 seconds, and your engine will start.

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Tips for starting your Toyota with remote engine start

  • Your Toyota engine will turn off after idling for 10 minutes. You can use remote engine start again for an additional 10 minutes, but the engine will turn off after idling for a total of 20 minutes. The only way to restart the system is by starting your Toyota manually.
  • Toyota remote engine start can be effectively operated from up to 80 feet away in an open space. Certain barriers, such as hills, trees, and buildings, can have an effect on the maximum range.
  • To turn off your Toyota engine, you can press the UNLOCK button on the remote or press and hold the LOCK button for 2 or more seconds.

If you have additional questions about starting your Toyota with remote engine start, you can refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual for more information. You may also contact our team at Toyota Vacaville or get in touch with your local Toyota dealer for assistance.

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